BAMN Investigation Uncovers New Video of Omar Abrego Being Detained By LAPD – BAMN said Abrego was Murdered by LAPD

[8.25.2014] LOS ANGELES. The following is a press release from Adam Lerman, organizer at BAMN a group that wants to “fight for equality by any means necessary.” is reposting this release as a public service notice. Mr. Lerman can be reached via Facebook:
LAPD Detaining Omar Abrego an Truck Driver Who Later Died

For Immediate Release

BAMN Investigation Uncovers New Video of Murder of Omar Abrego by LAPD
YouTube clip shows aftermath of deadly beating as Mr. Abrego clings to life
[***Warning: Graphic***]

Contact: Hoku Jeffrey, BAMN Organizer – 323.317.7675 (English)
Maricruz Lopez, BAMN Organizer – 323.638.3087 (Spanish)
Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN)

*Members of Mr. Abrego’s family will be available this evening for comment on newly discovered video [location and time below]

The video shows Omar Abrego, a 37-year-old OnTrac truck driver and father of three, lying in a pool of his own blood after being beaten by LAPD for 10 minutes in front of witnesses. Omar had just arrived home (69th and Main) from OnTrac and was still wearing his work uniform when he was murdered. The police immediately went into cover-up mode: surrounding him with police cars (before ambulances arrived), and keeping witnesses and community members away.

The video shows the last portion of Omar’s murder. His death was the result of the whole combination of the blows from the two cops who initially stopped Omar along with the cops’ restraint of him afterward on the ground. In the video, Omar can clearly be heard desperately gasping for air while moaning in pain yet multiple officers pile onto his back with their knees and full weight.

We are watching the police finish off an already severely injured man. Omar is suffocating, unable to breathe, possibly drowning in his own blood. This is why when the ambulance finally arrives, according to witnesses, they place a sheet over his body. According to witnesses, 30 minutes after the ambulance arrives, they transport Omar with no sirens to a local hospital where he is later declared deceased. Each and every witness we have spoken with thus far fully contradicts the police’s version.

Relatives of Mr. Abrego will be available for comment and reaction to this new video TONIGHT at 6pm when we gather at 65th & Broadway to Rally and March through the neighborhood where Ezell Ford and Omar Abrego were killed by LAPD.

Almost every night since Mr. Ford was shot to death by LAPD, we have marched from 65th & Broadway (site of Mr. Ford’s murder) to 69th & Main (Omar’s home and site of his murder) and back again, crisscrossing the neighborhood, demanding justice for Ezell and Omar.

*** Stop the Racist Attacks Against Minority Youth
*** Jail the Killer Cops: A Badge Is Not a License to Kill
*** End the Policy of Cover-Up and Blaming the Victim
*** Release the Killer Cops’ Names Now



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