Fire Donald John Trump, The Worst President In American History, Vote Him Out, Lock Him Up Afterwards. OLANews’ Voter Guide Available.


Fire Donald John Trump, The Worst President In American History

Vote for your life in 2020.  The incompetency of Donald John Trump, the 45th and worst president of the United States, has shown he is unfit for office and is a national security risk to all Americans.  Your health alone is reason to vote Donald John Trump and his wannabe gangstas out of public office.  The Covid-19 virus pandemic has killed over 225,197 Americans and the total Corona virus cases in the United States is repeatedly spiking and has reached an all time high of 8,607,419.  There are a total of 42,855,971 worldwide Covid-19 cases and 1,152,065 deaths from this virus.  Donald John Trump’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, indicated the Trump administration has no intention to try and contain the virus.  Vote these murderers out.

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Donald John Trump, in 2017, paid $750 in federal taxes, and currently owes in access of $450 million to foreign governments and banks.  These loans are coming due.  Who does Donald John Trump owe specifically? What has Donald John Trump promised them?

Eric Trump has indicated the Donald John Trump organizational enterprise, which he manages with his brother Donald John Trump Jr., got their money from Russia and didn’t need American banks to help them.  Vote Eric’s daddy out and lock Eric Trump up too when we find out he has broken the law.

Ivanka Trump, has been described by internal Trump staff personnel as being unqualified to receive high level security clearance for highly secret information of the U.S. Government.  Fittingly that the nepotistic appointed one has used her personal unsecured communication devices to send and receive classified government emails. Ivanka Trump has sleazily trafficked in the acquisition of trademarks from China with unknown promises given in return.  Vote her daddy out and lock her up afterwards if we find she has abused the trust of the American people and violated the law.



Jared Kushner, designated as a slumlord and racist, has been the mastermind of the Donald J. Trump foreign and corrupt brigade.  Kushner has cozied to the royal family of Saudi Arabia, who were responsible for the brutal dismemberment and killing of Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi, a journalist from the Washington Post.  Kushner oversaw the failed national Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) distribution network and the pandemic response team. Jared Kushner is the mastermind behind Donald J. Trump’s strategy to simply let Americans die during the pandemic because certain demographics of those deaths are of little concern to him. Donald John Trump referred to 225,697 dead Americans as “virtually nobody.”  Earlier Donald John Trump explained to the American people that Jared Kushner’s genocidal guided policies led to Donald John Trump’s administration’s aim to achieve “heard mentality”.  Trump was referring to heard immunity which literally means hundreds of millions of Americans must become infected with Covid-19 in hopes that herd immunity to the disease is developed and that immunity will help to protect the nation as a whole.  Scientists indicates Donald John Trump’s approach means millions of American will still die from Donald John Trump’s ineptness and his failed understanding of science.  For these inhumane and deadly reason vote Jared Kushner’s daddy in-law out.  By the way, lock Jared Kushner up afterwards if we find the $36 million he earned in 2019, while posing as a government official, was obtained in violation of American or foreign laws.

Donald John Trump Jr. should just be locked up because he’s married to a really big mouth person.

First Lady Melania Trump should be relegated into shame for riding into the United States on an “Einstein Visa” working as a risque model. Most shameful thing, this immigrant, a new “American” was found to have stolen and delivered a speech written by First Lady of The United States Michele Obama, a Black woman who is married to President Barack Obama, America’s first Black president. Shamefully Melania Trump, the neophyte immigrant falsely promoted her racist husband’s claim that Barack Obama was not born in The United States of America. Melania Trump promoted birther-ism and should be shunned as a racist enabler at the least if not a racist herself outright which is apparent to argue. If evidence is provided, lock Melania Trump up for immigration fraud.

Unforgettably President Donald John Trump has been a pawn of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.  The two have held numerous secret meetings on the international stage and the America public still doesn’t know what was said or what was agreed to in those meetings. Donald John Trump has publicly and vociferously denied that the Russian government interfered in the 2016 United States presidential election to help Donald John Trump get elected even though the United States’ own intelligence agencies all say Russia cheated for Trump.  America knows Russia is interfering currently in the 2020 U.S. election. Intelligence officials have warned us. What does Donald John Trump and his enterprise know about Russia’s intent? Vote Donald John Trump out and find out later if he coordinated with communist Russia to undermine our democracy.  Lock Donald John Trump up if we find he has violated his oath to the American people and broken the law by working with a foreign government in an effort to usurp the votes of the American people.

Donald John Trump has packed the United States judiciary with woefully unqualified judges, some have never tried a case.  All of these appointees are white.  Vote him out at a time when racial justice is demanded and more, not less, diversity is needed on the judicial courts in the USA.

Donald John Trump is a racist and the biggest racist public figure in modern history.

Up close face of hate - white supremacist march in Charlottesville Virgina. One anti-Nazi protestor killed by domestic terrorist James A. Field at same march.

Up close face of hate - white supremacist march in Charlottesville Virgina. One anti-Nazi protestor killed by domestic terrorist James A. Field at same march.

 Not since the 7th President of the United States, Andrew Jackson, has America seen such hate in a nationally elected man who is tasked with leading a diverse nation comprised of immigrants.  When Donald John Trump, early on in his presidency, referred to Nazis who were marching against peaceful protestors in Charlottesville Virginia as being “very fine people” America was shocked and took notice.  At the same time, the world saw a failure at a nationally televised debate where he refused to condemn the Ku Klux Klan and other related white supremacist groups like the racists “Boogaloo Bois” and “Proud Boys” – all are known domestic terrorist groups. Vote the racist Donald John Trump out.

Under Donald John Trump the United States is looked down upon and shown pity by many in the world as they stand astonished by the stunning fall from grace of such a once well respected nation.  Vote Donald John Trump out to restore America’s standing as a sane nation in the world.

Trump was impeached by the Congress of the United States for trying to bribe the nation of Ukraine to obtain “dirt on Joe Biden” his political opponent in the 2020 election.  Vote Donald John Trump out because the coward Republicans in the Senate wouldn’t honor their duty and oath to the American people to protects us all from enemies foreign and domestic. Then vote those same criminal enabling Republicans out of office and lock those traitors up for aiding and abetting a wannabe dictator.  Lock them up.

Donald John Trump is a low-level and failed con-man and Donald John Trump has catastrophically harmed the American people – some of us died and will continue to die because Donald John Trump is just plain stupid and Donald John Trump is incapable of dealing with the complexity of life and the complexity of the Presidency of The United States specifically.   We must send Donald John Trump home so he can await state governments who must complete their own investigative process pertaining to him and his dubious business enterprise.  If and when officials find criminal wrong doing we must lock Donald John Trump up.

Finally this editor encourages the World Court in The Hague to summon Donald John Trump to answer for violations and crimes against humanity for brutally caging, and permanently separating children from their families who were simply seeking asylum and a better life in America.

It is up to you to vote Donald John Trump, the worst president in the history of the United States of America, out.  Otherwise all your protests in the past have been in vain. Ameria will not be a democracy if insanity wins on November 3, 2020. Vote Donald John Trump out. Once that is done, pledge to lock Donald John Trump up. No one is above the law.

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