Trump “Incites Violence” – Kenosha Shooting Kills One – Right Wing Trump-Extremist, Kyle Rittenhouse Jailed

[Los Angeles - 8.31.2020]

The United States is reeling with unrest like no other time since the 1960s. Police have continued to kill or severely harm Black and Brown people. The President of The United States is proclaiming in classic 1950s style that he is the “law and order” man to stop all the violence that is occurring during his presidency and on his watch.  The president’s own behavior is “inciting violence” Vice President Joe Biden said.  Biden is Trump’s presidential opponent in the November 3, 2020 election.

A video presumably captured by @theinsultchronicles was distributed by the same user on TikTok shows Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, shooting into a crowd who was trying to stop him after he had shot another person.  In total two people were killed.  The video is attached.

Kyle Rittenhouse is also identified in many media stories as being an attendant at Trump rally in early 2020 prior to the Covid19 pandemic.  Rittenhouse stood in the front area just in front of the stage where the president spoke.


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