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Why Vote? Importantly there are Superior Court Judges and County Judges that are politically elected. These politicans face far less scrutiny than their counterpart politicians who are running for other elected offices. 2014 election – judicial list.

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[LOS ANGELES] 11.2.2014. General elections in California and Los Angeles County are November 4, 2014. Why vote? Good question. There are propositions on the ballot that you will pay or not pay for. Some for years to come like Proposition … Continue reading

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“The problem with this country. The muslims.” This is what an anti-Occupy LA protestor said to an Occupier. “The problem is the predominantly white 1% controlling this country’s resources and wealth” the Occupier shot back. And so the Ghosts of Halloween began.

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[LOS ANGELES] 11.1.2014. The Ghosts of Halloween, Occupy LA, roamed the streets of Hollywood last night. The occupiers are seen in these photos at Sunset and Vine in front of the iconic Chase Bank building. Occupy LA was met with … Continue reading

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